My New Interest

My new interest is that i LOVE anime. I love so many anime, such as Death Note. I know it's been a popular manga a long long time ago. But i only got the 'power' to access the Internet last year since my parents are so strict. Anyway, i can surfing the net anytime i like now. In the Death Note, my favourite character is Yagami Light. He is SO cool and smart. I never think that he is evil or what. I mean it is not his fault to become like that since he have the Death Note accidentally and he is trying to make a better world for all of us to live in. I think that those police are a bit stupid and annoying. Why they want to interrupt Light and catch him? It is their fault making Light to kill other innocent human. Light is right and he is Justice. He only kill bad guys, why polices want to arrest him anyway? I wish i have the Death Note since there are so many evil human i want to eliminate......Just joking........

Daily Update

I read some manga online, as usual. If i don't do it, I will felt very uncomfortable, like some thing precious missing from my collection. Manga is part of my life. It is also called comic. I admire all those manga artists' drawing. Very unique. The moment you saw the manga you will immediately recognise it as whose art works is. I learn their drawing styles and then create my own style. However, i have to admit it that to create your own significant drawing style is not easy. It require practice and a lot hard work and time. I still haven't found my style. I want some thing that can be considered by me as complete and prefect. That's the problem. No thing is prefect in this world. Never mind that, as long as i like it.

My Normal Hobby

I like to read because reading increase my understanding on new vocabularies. My imagination and creativeness also increase with the amount of books i read. Usually it's mysteries, supernatural, horrid and related. Sometimes, i hate to look into the dictionary whenever i encounter an unfamiliar new words because i am lazy to move my hands and legs. I just hope my limbs didn't degenerate into some thing tiny like the front limbs of T-Rex. Fortunately, i have a computer based dictionary about the size of a small note book. I don't know what its called. I know that i only have to press the words that i don't understand and the meaning will show on the mini screen after i press ENTER.
There is one thing i don't like about it is that the batteries die out too soon. I have to change it after i use it for a while, like a few days later. It die faster if i want to hear the correct pronunciation. The batteries are not cheap, mind.