I never felt so angry in my life for the past 17 years. They got a higher mark because they already do the questions. I know it was not their fault but my pride have been challenged. I will NEVER let you to have another chances to get the highest mark. I mean it. That was the last time for you. Next time, I will be the FIRST!

Conversation between Ell and Friend

Friend: Have you memorize all those idioms?
Me: I have. It is so tiring.
Friend: Well, there are so many to memorize.
Me: Yeah, about 2000 of them. ( I wanted to say 200, but absent-minded said 2000)
Friend: ......(shocked, speechless)...... ( Sorry, frightened you all)

Materialistic VS Realistic

Once, i love art so much i want to become an artist or anything related to art. Now, the world teach my to love money and choose a more future-guaranty occupation. I know it is true. Without money, we cannot do anything, cannot buy food, clothes, ...... Since i want to have so many things, i will just listen to their advice. Well, they are right. If i have no money, i cannot buy the materials for my favourite art. Art is my hobby. I can do it at my free time, at anytime and anyway. Now, i just love to draw manga. In the future, in holiday, i want to learn more about art. Such as creating picture, scans, wallpaper and many others by using computer.

Numbers, numbers, numbers......

In this few days, my brain have been filled with numerous numbers. I thought my brain will exploded. I forced myself to study additional mathematics for the whole day. I have no choice but to study because the exam is drawing nearer. I hate it so much that i finally love it. I WAS FORCED TO LOVE IT! Anyway, i am glad my additional mathematics improved tremendously. I guaranty i can score a higher marks in it. Keep going Ell!

White Angel @ Dark Angel

Suigintou from Rozen Maiden: Being left by Father, no wonder she is so satanic.

They are the same. They are just different in colours but they are equally beautiful. In the manga, they design lots of angel. All of them looks gorgeous and unique.I love them!

Colour I love


Most Hateful Thing In the World

  • When you are waiting for people for hours and they still didn't show up. The longest time i can wait is 30minits. I am patient but i have limitation.
  • When I am watching TV and people make noise even just a little bit around me.
  • When I want to sleep and the radio is on with loud volume. I hate it when people talking and thundering up and down the house during my nap.
  • I hate people who never treasure books. My books got folded ofter i lend them to people and i regret it very much.

The Movie I had Watch

  • -Matrix
  • -Lord Of the Ring
  • -Harry Potter Series
  • -Narnia Series
  • -Iron Man
  • -Kung Fu Panda
  • -CJ7
  • -Anything to make use my free time
Since i have nothing to do, i simply post something I feel like i want to post.

My Books Collection

I have pitifully low counts of books in my collection. Partly of money problem and also because parents are too busy to bring me to the bookstore. How i wish i can drive.
Now i only have Harry Potter Series, Secret Garden, Dracula, Frankenstein, Ivanhoe, King Soloman's mine, Mr Midnight, Detective Holmes, and others.......... Most of the books are so expensive and i will have to tie my stomach for some times to buy those books. I know most of the books i read are quite classic. But at least i am having fun reading...

My Job is to......

  • -eat
  • -sleep
  • -surfing the net
  • -revision
  • -reading
  • -watch movie and TV
  • -shopping (Mainly for books)
  • -complaining (Usually no body will listen to me)
  • -daydreaming
  • -quiet
  • -AND do nothing

I Read The Manga

  • -Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
  • -Death Note
  • -Dear School Gang Leader
  • -Chii's Sweet home
  • -Bleach
  • -Higurashi
  • -Rozen Maiden
  • -Alive
  • -Alive-The Final Evolution
  • -Naruto
  • -Detective Conan
  • -School Rumble
  • -Fruit Basket
  • -Fullmetal Alchemist
  • -xxxHolic

Kazumi Yoshida

I don't know why, but i JUST don't like her.... I feel that she is so annoying........Maybe it is because of Yuji scolded Shana during the festival, i guess. Some how, i think that Kazumi Yoshida is a extra-not-so-important character that added into the anime just to heat up the whole episodes. I mean there is always rival in love, right? Any way i don't really care about the love affairs between Yuji and the girls. This will just complicating the story, but this is definitely the author want. The more the fans discussing it, the famous it will be. Well, there is no harm in watching anime.