Dokidoki! PreCure!

A short message to let you know that a new client came yesterday my hairdresser... She is Mana Aida alias Cure Heart of new series of Precure... Dokidoki! PreCure.

What do you think? Is not she cute like that?

short news :D

Just to say, for those who would not have seen, I create a new page to list all the girls with short hair in the manga and anime. If you want to participate and help me add names, let me comment on this post or on concern ... thank you in advance: D

Otherwise. Who's girls you want see coming come to my salon? leave me your suggestions too...

Lucy of Edolas

Lucy of Edolas
On fairy tail series (manga and animé) you have some double of another parallel world.
the heroine Lucy Heartfilia have a double on the Edolas world, for don't make a mistake Lucy of Edolas decide to cut her hair short on episode 81.

Lucy has brown eyes and blonde hair that is tied up with a skull hair band. She is dressed in a revealing, black leotard with a large erect collar that is exposed at the front, and is cut to reveal her stomach and ample cleavage. The suit has no leggings and she wears a pair of long thigh-high boots that appear to be held up by thin overlapping belts. The leotard appears to be stylized with a single metal shoulder-guard on the right shoulder and a sheet of white fabric attached to her right hip cascading down to her knee. She also wears a single white sleeve over her forearm and has a decorative black tattoo encircling her upper left arm. In the anime, her attire has been slightly altered to cover her revealed areas. She also now sports a pair of knee-high boots. Not too long after meeting her counterpart, she cuts her hair so the two can be distinguished more easily

Unlike her Earth Land counterpart, Lucy Ashley has a vulgar and aggressive personality. Despite this, she genuinely cares a lot for her guild, making her look like a tsundere. She also does not seem to like fickle men such as Loke. In Edolas, Lucy seems to have a crush on Edolas Natsu as she seems slightly troubled when she hugs him and tends to look away when he asks her a question.When Earth Land Natsu pressures Lucy into purchasing their magical weapons, Lucy comments that she "sort of liked it"
Lucy also argues with Edolas Levy instead of getting along with her. She is also much less modest and more perverted than her Earth Land counterpart, being eager to show Natsu Dragneel how her body is exactly the same as Lucy Heartfilia's, only to earn a laugh and a comment about how funny it was to bathe with yourself, leaving both of them in shock.

New customers of my salon

 A new collection of animé girls with short hair, Chiaki Kurihara of Moretsu pirates, Asuka and misato of evangelion, Asuna of sword art Online, Ranma girls, Tifa of gundam X, Nozomi Yumehara of Yes!precure and specially Kagome (she like my solon too much in fact) of Inuyasha... Enjoy!