ßlög §þåm ✄ The Difference Bewteen Emo and Goth

Emos Hate themselves
Goths hate Everyone
Emos Want to Kill themselves
Goths Want to kill Everyone


Like a Goth, only much less dark and much more Harry Potter.

SNSD-Genie: Tell Me Your Wish VS Dineyra-Raqsga Tushgin

The above MV is belong to Dineyra called Raqsga Tushgin while the below song sang by popular Korean girls group, SNSD.  I found out about this original version accidentally. In my opinion, the original one is nice too. From what I read online, SM entertainment brought the copyright and make it SNSD's song. However, there are debate between fans and antis about the copyright of the song. Besides, this news is quite old but I am surprised that I didn't know about Dineyra also sang this song until now. You can read more about the details here
Warning: The link I put here is belong to antis. If you don't like it then don't read. I just found out the article accidentally which included the videos. I don't know who is right who is wrong in this case. I am neutral, ok. Just enjoy the music^^