All those news I read about T-ara

Within a few days, tons of news appeared in regards of Hwayoung's departure from popular korean girls' group T-ara. Many people are commenting about it. Some people are taking sides while some are being neutral. The aggressive ones even destroyed their T-ara's CD and posted it online. I just started to take notice to T-ara and start to follow their news when everything happens. 

Most of the news are being told by third party. So, it's kind of hard to believe in any of them. You never know who is right and who is wrong. But if all the bullying is truth, then T-ara deserves the punishment. Bullying is definitely not a good thing, especially if you are in a popular girl group. It's not that I am saying bullying is okay if you are not in a girl band. It's just that people tend to notice it more if an idol do the bullying. Plus, Idols are supposed to set a good example. They should have known it will affected their career in entertainment industry, or worse, ended it.

Assuming T-ara is the bully as claimed by netizens and shown in some so-called-proof(I'll just assume first since I don't live with T-ara, I don't know their real personalities and I didn't see the bullying-__-), how come T-ara didn't know that their deeds will eventually leaked out and destroy their image. Many people called T-ara 'fake' and nasty names after the bullying scandal broke out. There are also many on-lookers with popcorn sitting in front their laptop reading the news as can be seen in some comments from other sites. If T-ara thinks that it's okay for them to bully Hwayoung just because they are more famous and popular than her, how very wrong they are. Now, Hwayoung is getting all the sympathy from people. No people can condemn bullying.

As far as I know about Hwayoung, she is only added into T-ara after they debuted and she is just with them for 20 months. Initially, fans are against the addition of new member. And Hwayoung is doing her best to get along with the other girls. However, from the rumors, all of the girls outcasted Hwayoung, except Qri. Qri is the only girl not getting all the hate from people and she is said to be the only friend of Hwayoung. The CEO of CCM is also at fault. Let us think from T-ara's point of view. T-ara has been working hard during their debut to get all the fame and fans while Hwayoung is only added into the group after their success. I won't blame T-ara for feeling uncomfortable about it. It's just like Hwayoung getting all those fame they work hard for in an easy way. But, it's not Hwayoung's fault that she is added into the group, the decision is made by the CEO. CEO of CCM should have think twice before he made the decision. If you are saying T-ara is not acting professionally, well, can I say that Idols are human and they have flaws too?

P/S: It's just my opinion, you can ignore it.=D