I am an INFP

I took two personality tests and found out I am an INFP. The personality type describe me perfectly. It is quite creepy, really. According to 16personalities.com, I am extremely creative, innovative, and goal-oriented.

As much as I liked my strengths, I dislike my weaknesses equally. I have known my own weaknesses long before I took the test. I kept on thinking whether there is something wrong with me. Then, the result from the test make sense. I decided to change my weaknesses slowly to meet my own needs. These weaknesses admittedly caused enough trouble in my life. I have had enough of that.

Too altruistic. I will care about myself more.
Dislike dealing with data. I will try to like data.
Difficult to get to know. I won't change this, though. Life taught me to trust no one.
Take many things personally.  I will deal with matters on its merits. Be more rational.
May be too idealistic. I will be more down-to-earth.
Impractical. I will be more practical.

I am going to revise a way to improve myself. Update later.