Cute Caterpillar

I rare a kind of caterpillar, a dozen of them. All of rhem are sooooo CuTE!!!! They are CUTER when they change into a butterfly. :>
I miss them sooooo much...... :) sniff... sniff...

My Darling DOLL :)

Here is my dearest doll, Shinku. Cute and gentle....
This one is my coolest doll, Suigintou. Cold but strong....

Ps: Rozen Maiden is one of my favourite anime.

*Even though i said 'my' doll, i didn't have them. They are my favourites, that's all.*

Cute VS Scary *Just Bored*

The different between cute and scary is depend on the judgment of our eyes.


It's not that i am drowning or something, it's just those revision are driving me crazy.
Tuitions help me a lot, but i still have to do it myself.

*I ended my post like this*

WOW! You are so RICH!

As far as i know, some parents just love to give their children lots of money. Well, i know they are rich. I also hope that my parents will allowance for me to spend on anythings i like. But the problem is i didn't need to do that. (I would love to keep the allowance, if they give me.)

You see, my brother come across a friend who have 20 bucks for a week. They are still primary students, take note! One day, the boy copied my brother's answers in an exam. My brother, of cause, didn't noticed. After that, the boy told my brother about what he did voluntarily. Since they are still a kid, they don't quarrel. In fact, the boy give offered to give my brother 5 bucks. And he really did. When my brother told me, i thought: OMG! He is so rich, no wonder.

Nowadays' kid are so different.


Last night, when i sign up in website. I typed my e-mail address and just guess what i saw beside the bar? It sound like this: Your e-mail address looks fake. My eyes virtually popped out. My e-mail address looks fake? I have been using it for years and now you telling me my e-mail address is not real? I don't know whether i should laugh or felt ridiculous. This is the first time someTHING(because that is not human) make fun of my e-mail address.-_-

Design for fun (two version)



I f you ask me about the latest trend, i am totally blank. There is only one thing to say: I am outdated!! This is suppose to happen to a teenager like me, you will say. I stop watching television, stop listening to music, stop reading fashion magazine and blah blah blah. I have to do it or else i will regret for the rest of my life! I t is all over for me if i failed to achieve my dream.
These days, i have nothing to post except complaining to much reference books i need to read. My life has been turned over. I t is just like fall from interesting colourful world to a dull grey world. Who could possibly live a life like that??!!! NO ONE!! NO ONE!!! Fortunately, it only last for about 3 months from now.
After the exam, i will announce loudly: LET'S PARTY!!

No time!

In this modern age, anybody who complains that he or she has nothing to do is simply downright lazy. There are books to read, films and video to watch, music to listen to and games to play. In fact i find that i have not enough time to do all the things i want to do. I need to go to tuition, do tons of homework, tens of a few hundred pages of reference books need to revise and so on. So a lot of things especially my hobbies are left undone. I need to concentrate on my study for the sake of all-come-too-soon examination. If time is transferable commodity, maybe those who have too much time can pass some over to me.
As an 'extraordinary' science student, staying at school is a sheer waste of time. Those teachers keep on giving us homework. Do so many homework does not mean it promises A for the subject if you lack in understanding. Even without doing the homework, i also need to slog late into the night to do my revision. Have pity on me!!!

Aim for Straight A's

Right now, my have been cracking my brain to memorize all the so-called important facts about the subjects i studied. I do these all for the sake of the human-killing examination. * Sigh* I wondered when this things will end. And i am demanding for another 100 terabytes memory to store in a whole load of facts of 12 different subjects!!!!!!

I am a science student. It is a shame if i didn't get straight As after spending 12 years of study since kinder garden. Straight As is the future-determine and most important things in a science student's life. Whether you want to be a doctor or an engineer is all depend on the results. I will jump from the third floor of my school building if failed to achieve my dream!!!!!! AaaRRrr...... You know how hardworking i am? I have sacrificed my time on television and even my beloved manga. It is impossible for me to fail to get straight As!! I meant it!! Plus, I always believe i am the so-called 'genius'......LOL. * Believes make dreams come true* Ha Ha Ha......

Suigintou and Shinku

I discovered about this anime early this year. Initially, the doll i liked most was Suigintou. I liked Suigintou so much that i almost fall in love with the doll. Suigintou's costume is much more different from the other dolls. Her costume all is in black and white except for the purple rose decoration. She has a pair of black angel wings. Until now, i still don't understands why Father left her and ignored her completely.

As for the doll, Shinku, i disliked her at first. I do not like the way she treat Suigintou, as like it said by Suigintou. Somehow, after sometimes, my interest switched from Suigintou to Shinku. I suddenly realised i was addicted towards the royal altitude of Shinku. Shinku is so noble and high-standard. As day passed, i liked Shinku more than Suigintou. But that do not mean i dislike Suigintou.

After sometimes, i understood why my interest will changed so dramatically. It s because the characteristic of a character is the characteristic i want to develop in myself!! When we liked an frictional character, our altitude will more or less same as the character we like. I like Suigintou because i can felt her feeling of being left behind. Now, i like Shinku because i want to be like her.
LOL....I know it is hilarious, but there is no harm to think it.

Well, that's the influences of an anime on their fans.

Study like Hell

I have been study like hell for the rest of the day since the important examination is coming closer and closer. My aim is to get straight As, if i can. Well, of course i can. I have to believe in myself, right? Some people must felt weird that i still blogging. Plenty of time to blog? Of course not. Then, why? That is because it is my habit. Blog is a place where i can express my feeling. I also can practise my English! What a weird reason...... Ha Ha Ha!

I don't hate Kazumi Yoshida anymore!

I know it is weird. But i don't hate Kazumi Yoshida anymore. I don't know why. I t is really weird. Initially, i hate her so much that i want her to die. After a few more episodes, my hate toward her start to cease. On website, i discovered some people called Shana as Tsundere. They like Kazumi Yoshida but dislike Shana. They do not like the way Shana hit Yuji. They said a girl should behave like a girl, shy, kind, caring, and blah, blah, blah...... Well, that's their opinion but most of the people like Shana, as far as i know from the website. Only a few people like Kazumi Yoshida.

Speaking of which, i found some similar characteristic of Shana is same as Haruhi Suzumiya. Haruhi Suzumiya, well, is a bit rude anyway, like Shana. But Shana is not as aggressive as Haruhi. I f you have read the Haruhi Suzumiya Manga, you will understand why. At first, i liked Haruhi Suzumiya . However, after i read about how Haruhi Suzumiya hit Mikuru Asahina's head. I was sort of dislike Haruhi Suzumiya. Well, she has been too over. Anyhow, manga is still manga, anime is still anime. If an anime only fill with the people of same characteristics, that will be an unsuccessful anime. That anime will bored people to death. When an anime can rises up people's feeling of hatred and love, that anime is considered good.

I love Mathematics and Physics?

Mathematics is full of hordes of apparently mind-boggling stuff.
Physics need logic and and high thinking skills.
Since i have to take the exams, I have to love them, right?
Well, when you love something, you will do it and learn it.
After you do it and learn it, you will master it.
That's why i trick myself to love them.......^_^

Money is the root of all evil?

A poor person needs MONEY,
When he is rich, he needs more MONEY,
When he has enough money, he needs POWER,
When he has enough power, he will want to CONQUER THE WORLD!
People always like this?
No,... I think only the King of the past will want to conquer the world...........


I never know about this superstitious before the day yesterday. One of my friends had just brought a brand new digital camera and she want to try it out. Another friend of mine said that a group should not be of three persons. She said misfortune will befall one of the three. Well, it does spoil the fun a bit. Do you believe it?


Ever watch a TV series called 'Heroes'?
How I which i can be like them.
If i can, I would like to have the power of Peter.
I am greedy, I want to have everything.
I know greedy is no good.
I guess I will choose one of the powers,
I choose the power of flying,
I want to traveling and free of charge(no need to buy air ticket).


It had been a long time since I look into the sky. I have been so busy with my schoolwork and other things. I am busy almost everyday. Human always busy like that?
One night, I ‘accidentally’ looked into the sky. It was a cloudless but moonless night. The stars shone like sparkling diamonds in the dark sky. It was a spectacular sight to behold.
However, I remembered my schoolwork and return to my bedroom and continue studying. I wondered, is there any more free time for me to relax in the future?

OMG! How can i be so careless!

Shop wisely. People are telling us to shop wisely almost everyday and everywhere. So, why I am still so careless? I brought faulty goods. This is sheer waste of my money! Arrrrggggh…!!!! Well, you see, I was too rushing at that time. I take the goods and pay for it. Because I already buy it for a long time and never make ‘mistake’, I already made this as a habits of mine. This time, sigh……, I will be careful next time. I hate those unscrupulous traders. I will never take in by attractive sales gimmick, anyway.
I wonder if i can try to shop online? I will have to be careful. Well, who knows, ......... But first, i need to learn how to shop online wisely. Ebay and Amazon are the famous online 'shopping centre' as far as i know. I guess i will try on these first.

Longest Day Ever!

Today is an awful day, but even the longest day must have an end. Phew.......I still can't believe that i am still alive after today.

Words for Thought

"Slowness to change usually means fear of the new." -Philip Crosby
I think and i think. I just love to think. Maybe I am a thinker. I think so much that it is hard for me to write it out. We think we know some thing. We will be more understanding about life.