WOW! You are so RICH!

As far as i know, some parents just love to give their children lots of money. Well, i know they are rich. I also hope that my parents will allowance for me to spend on anythings i like. But the problem is i didn't need to do that. (I would love to keep the allowance, if they give me.)

You see, my brother come across a friend who have 20 bucks for a week. They are still primary students, take note! One day, the boy copied my brother's answers in an exam. My brother, of cause, didn't noticed. After that, the boy told my brother about what he did voluntarily. Since they are still a kid, they don't quarrel. In fact, the boy give offered to give my brother 5 bucks. And he really did. When my brother told me, i thought: OMG! He is so rich, no wonder.

Nowadays' kid are so different.