OMG! How can i be so careless!

Shop wisely. People are telling us to shop wisely almost everyday and everywhere. So, why I am still so careless? I brought faulty goods. This is sheer waste of my money! Arrrrggggh…!!!! Well, you see, I was too rushing at that time. I take the goods and pay for it. Because I already buy it for a long time and never make ‘mistake’, I already made this as a habits of mine. This time, sigh……, I will be careful next time. I hate those unscrupulous traders. I will never take in by attractive sales gimmick, anyway.
I wonder if i can try to shop online? I will have to be careful. Well, who knows, ......... But first, i need to learn how to shop online wisely. Ebay and Amazon are the famous online 'shopping centre' as far as i know. I guess i will try on these first.