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Too Much To Worry

"I have too much things to do, too much things to worry about."

"Don't worry you are going to be fine...."

"How can you be so sure about that? You are not me......."

"I know I am not you, but I went through the same thing before."

"I am so tired, I felt like I want to escape..."

"To where? You have no place to go. You are lonely."

"Why I am always alone? Why no one noticed me, care about me?"

"You have to think positively. Don't be so pessimistic."

"Pain, what a pain................."


There are time when we felt anxious,
we don't want to do anything,
because we are nervous.

There are time when we felt like want give up,
we don't even want to try it,
because we thought we will definitely unsuccessful.

There are time when we felt like want to go away from this place,
we don't want to suffer anymore,
because we are too tired.
"This what I feel sometimes....."


Today, as I went to a few website to check my application status, I found out that my application for the scholarship was rejected and unsuccessful. I felt so disappointed. I don't understand why other people can get an interview so easily. I heard of someone who got rejected by all the scholarship they applied to. Sometimes, lucks do count.
But, I won't give up yet. At least, there is still some hope under the skies out there.
However, I have to admit it that disappointment is indeed painful.

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