H wondered why this world is not the same as the world where Sakura lives. Sakura in the world of Tsubasa Chronicle. She has lots of friends who love her. Means the world where Sakura lives is a lot better. There is no cheating and faking. The people in the world are friendly and helpful. And more important, they are full of love. H really tries hard. H needs attention too. Since H is the eldest among the siblings, H longs for attention. H understands that without give first, there is no receive. You must gives first before you receive. H tries hard to give, but it seems effortless. People still don’t receive it. This left H in pain. H wondered, is it because what H gave is not what they want


When H is stay with friends, H always felt there is some kind of walls built between them. H’s friends doesn’t seem to understand H. H felts so feed up with their behavior. They are unhelpful. They are unconscious about the feelings of other people. They hurt H’s heart. H tried everything. But it seems like useless and they didn’t bother about H’s effort. They are ignorant of surroundings. They are driving H up to the breaking point. They are spoiled. No wonder, the world will be destroyed in these kinds of people’s hands.


There are some sort of trashes really pissed K of. K has the strong desire to smack a handful of dung into their faces. Trashes speak without using their brains. In other words, they are brainless. They hurt people’s heart. The world will be better off without the existence of these trashes.


7 sins. 7 days. 7 oceans.


K felt abandoned.

Two Personalities

X is that type of person. They only can order other people to do things but never lift a finger themselves. They are trash. Wasted and useless. Complaint never fades from their mouths. Their words act like triggers which will spark of the flame of hatred and disgust. They pissed J of. J looks soft. People cannot see the heart within and that’s why they did not understand. J is not merely some ordinary human. J is different. J is secretive, clever in organizing strategies and planning, and ambitious. Weakness of people never escapes from J’s eyes. If J is given a chance, J will become a genius criminal. No, not killing or murdering people. It is criminal in terms of high tech, manipulating, altering, destroying and conquering. Everything will be for the greater good. Soft appearance is to camouflage the truth within. The shell will crack whenever it is needed. Truth is scary.

Corrupted world

Everyone wants to change the world, but not everyone can change the world. K is just the same. K wants to change the world. Human are just the same but they never love each other. They even kill each other. This world is corrupted. Everything is so weird. Moral values change, so as human’s heart. Adult human is the worst case. K never understands why adult cannot trust each other. They never trust, even best friends will betray each other. Only younger ones are the purest being in this world. But, it will be tainted by the darkness of current world. Mind can be controlled. However, not everyone tried to control it. They let desire to control their life. It is a pity thing to say so. Sometimes, it’s tired to pretending. Everyone needs to pretend they are fit among the society, or they will become an outcast. This is the reality.


K and J share everything. However, J and K are different. They think and act differently. K will protect J. When ever people hurt J, K will act instantly to protect J. It was J who always comes out in public, while K is hidden. K never shows out K’s face. In fact, nobody ever heard or knew K. K is dangerous.
It was K who gave J courage and support to keep on moving. When there is nobody understands J and help J, K is the only one that devote and willing to give everything to keep J perfect and whole. J needs help very much. J will become broken easily.
The only thing that can identify them apart is their eyes. K’s eyes are the eyes of the conqueror. Nobody can stop K. K is specialize in manipulating, influencing and controlling. Everything is under K’s control and expectation. K is part of demon. People fell for the traps of demon.