Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

This is my favorite anime of all time. I have been watching this for a dozen time.*No kidding.* I preferred the new version of Fullmetal Alchemist, that is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Brotherhood are based on the manga, which is more interesting.*In my own opinion.* More amazing and cool characters are introduced in Brotherhood. I especially like the battle between human and homunculus. It's totally awesome. Homunculus is a humanoid created by human. It is forbidden in the practice of alchemy, of course. However, someone created 7 of them and given them by the name of 7 sins. Just some random thought, among the homunculus, the ability of Pride and Wrath are the coolest.*Again, it's my own opinion.*

The beginning of the anime is a bit same like the previous one. Then the plot will be unfolded to a complicated, carefully designed plan. The Father of the Homunculus takes the appearance of the father of Elric brothers. Edward's father is a philosopher's stone in human form in some way. Homunculus's father intended to use the Amestris nation's people 's soul to make a highly energized philosopher's stone in order to contain the God. Of course, after Edward discovered the evil plan of the Father, he wanted to stop it and at the same time get back his limbs and Alphonse's body. 

It's a happy ending. So, no pressure watching Brotherhood. Enjoy^^

Lucky Star

Konata is an otaku while Kagami is a realist. Konata filled her room with a bunch of anime figurine, posters and manga. She plays MMORPG too. Konata always borrowed homework from Kagami and pulling all nighters during exam and did surprisingly well each time, much to the annoyance of Kagami*Laugh*. The funny moment always occur when Konata is having fun by teasing Kagami. Tsukasa and Kagami are twin but their personalities are completely different. Kagami does pretty well in exam, always finish schoolwork in time, never procrastinate, a tsundere*claims by Konata*, bad in cooking, eat much*Konata's favorite teasing phase* and a little bit inclination towards fujoshi? while Tsukasa is soft, less aggressive, sleep much, like to procrastinate, cooks well, does not scores well in exam, depend on her older sister Kagami. Meanwhile, Miyuki is a know-it-all and a soft girl with glass. Konata is always called her a moe factor.
This anime focus much on the daily life of japanese high school students. Some will call this boring. But i found this anime quite suitable for pleasure watching, without pressure.


I have finished Gintama recently. This is the first anime I found quite different from the rest. Gintama, you can say, is random. The story arcs are never the same. It's funny and entertaining. You won't have any problem watching them for the fun of it. You really can't judge the characters by the look of it. For example, Kagura is the first cute anime girl character to dig her nose 'in the public'.*At least I think so.* Then, there is Sougo, the king of the sadist. He tries to kill Toushiro, failed though. *I don't think he meant it^_^* Characters in the anime included a masochist(Sa-chan), a stalker/Gorilla(Kondo), alien, a madao*you will understand this term after watch the anime*, a mayannaise lover(Toushiro) and ...many else. So, have fun^^

Sistar Profile

Birth Name: 김효정 Kim Hyo Jung
Stage Name: 효린 Hyo Rin
Birth Date: January 11th, 1991
Height: 163cm
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Real Name: Yoon Bora (윤보라)
Stage Name: Bora (보라)
Birth Date: January 30th, 1990
Height: 165cm
Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer

Real Name: Kang Ji Hyun (강지현)
Stage Name: Soyou (소유)
Nickname: Little Lee Mi Yeon
Birth Date: February 12th, 1992
Height: 170cm
Position: Vocalist

Real Name : Kim Dasom (김다솜)
Stage Name : Dasom (다솜)
Birth Date: May 6th, 1993
Height : 167 cm
Group Position : Maknae, Vocalist

Notes:They are from Starship Entertainment

SISTAR 씨스타_So Cool_Music Video [HD]

I have been into this group after I watched their latest MV. I really liked the song. I have been listening to their song for a few dozen times. Everything about this MV is awesome, included their dances, vocal and concept. They are really energetic and strong. And I like it. I watched some of their live performance too. They have a pretty good live, I have to say.