H wondered why this world is not the same as the world where Sakura lives. Sakura in the world of Tsubasa Chronicle. She has lots of friends who love her. Means the world where Sakura lives is a lot better. There is no cheating and faking. The people in the world are friendly and helpful. And more important, they are full of love. H really tries hard. H needs attention too. Since H is the eldest among the siblings, H longs for attention. H understands that without give first, there is no receive. You must gives first before you receive. H tries hard to give, but it seems effortless. People still don’t receive it. This left H in pain. H wondered, is it because what H gave is not what they want


When H is stay with friends, H always felt there is some kind of walls built between them. H’s friends doesn’t seem to understand H. H felts so feed up with their behavior. They are unhelpful. They are unconscious about the feelings of other people. They hurt H’s heart. H tried everything. But it seems like useless and they didn’t bother about H’s effort. They are ignorant of surroundings. They are driving H up to the breaking point. They are spoiled. No wonder, the world will be destroyed in these kinds of people’s hands.


There are some sort of trashes really pissed K of. K has the strong desire to smack a handful of dung into their faces. Trashes speak without using their brains. In other words, they are brainless. They hurt people’s heart. The world will be better off without the existence of these trashes.


7 sins. 7 days. 7 oceans.


K felt abandoned.

Two Personalities

X is that type of person. They only can order other people to do things but never lift a finger themselves. They are trash. Wasted and useless. Complaint never fades from their mouths. Their words act like triggers which will spark of the flame of hatred and disgust. They pissed J of. J looks soft. People cannot see the heart within and that’s why they did not understand. J is not merely some ordinary human. J is different. J is secretive, clever in organizing strategies and planning, and ambitious. Weakness of people never escapes from J’s eyes. If J is given a chance, J will become a genius criminal. No, not killing or murdering people. It is criminal in terms of high tech, manipulating, altering, destroying and conquering. Everything will be for the greater good. Soft appearance is to camouflage the truth within. The shell will crack whenever it is needed. Truth is scary.

Corrupted world

Everyone wants to change the world, but not everyone can change the world. K is just the same. K wants to change the world. Human are just the same but they never love each other. They even kill each other. This world is corrupted. Everything is so weird. Moral values change, so as human’s heart. Adult human is the worst case. K never understands why adult cannot trust each other. They never trust, even best friends will betray each other. Only younger ones are the purest being in this world. But, it will be tainted by the darkness of current world. Mind can be controlled. However, not everyone tried to control it. They let desire to control their life. It is a pity thing to say so. Sometimes, it’s tired to pretending. Everyone needs to pretend they are fit among the society, or they will become an outcast. This is the reality.


K and J share everything. However, J and K are different. They think and act differently. K will protect J. When ever people hurt J, K will act instantly to protect J. It was J who always comes out in public, while K is hidden. K never shows out K’s face. In fact, nobody ever heard or knew K. K is dangerous.
It was K who gave J courage and support to keep on moving. When there is nobody understands J and help J, K is the only one that devote and willing to give everything to keep J perfect and whole. J needs help very much. J will become broken easily.
The only thing that can identify them apart is their eyes. K’s eyes are the eyes of the conqueror. Nobody can stop K. K is specialize in manipulating, influencing and controlling. Everything is under K’s control and expectation. K is part of demon. People fell for the traps of demon.


K is a friend of A. One day K and A got grouped with P. Nobody likes P. P has a pretty low EQ and always express emotion on face. P is also a spoilsport. When ever everyone discusses something happily, P showed sour face as if P just ate lemon. So, K and A just ignored the fact that P is not a good partner and try to cooperate with P. K learned the rules that just do their assignment nicely and perfectly, do not get affected by other people’s emotion and attitude. The marks will depend on themselves.
P is self-centered. P never cares for other people’s feeling and always hurt someone’s pride. Once, P said, during a confession lesson, that people from before always ignored P. People don’t want to befriend with P. P will always get mad without reason. K and A knows the reason why people don’t want to befriend with P. P need to change. P needs to be more understand others. But P never changes. P never tries to think carefully why people keep away from P. P always act cool. P talks so slowly and thinks so long for the next sentence. People get pissed off by P’s attitude. Unfortunately for those people, P is ‘accidentally’ being selected to become a leader, a leader without any charisma and authority. P is such a failure. P can’t give a clear and perfect instruction. People around P always get confused. This causes works cannot be done perfectly. So, the work failed completely.

Best job

I read some articles, i found that most of the mathematics related job can get a very high salary. I get the information from this website:

The Best
1. Mathematician
2. Actuary
3. Statistician
4. Biologist
5. Software Engineer
6. Computer Systems Analyst
7. Historian
8. Sociologist
9. Industrial Designer
10. Accountant
11. Economist
12. Philosopher
13. Physicist
14. Parole Officer
15. Meteorologist
16. Medical Laboratory Technician
17. Paralegal Assistant
18. Computer Programmer
19. Motion Picture Editor
20. Astronomer

Recommended manga, Bloody Monday

I discovered this manga accidentally. The only problem with this manga is that you can’t stop once you read it.

This story is about a genius hacker boy called Falcon. His real name is Fujimaru Takagi. His father is work for ‘THIRD-i’. His job is to keep Japan safe. Then, Fujimaru involved in something with viruses called ‘Bloody-X’. It’s such a horrible viruses that will cause death in around three hours. Then, action filled in every pages of the manga. I can’t wait to finish it.

Words from me after a few month

After a few months absent, i finally able to back to my blog. First thing i want to do is let my flame burn out first. I really am angry and annoyed about some kind of people. Those people never keep their promise, yeah, very pissed of indeed. Well, since many wise people told us not to let flame cover your eyes, i managed to cool down. Phew.......

~Time To Say Goodbye~

When I'm alone I dream of the horizon and words fail me.
There is no light in a room where there is no sun
and there is no sun if you're not here with me, with me.
From every window unfurls my heart the heart that you have won.
Into me you've poured the light,
the light that you found by the side of the road.

Time to say goodbye.
Places that I've never seen or experienced with you.
Now I shall, I'll sail with you upon ships across the seas,
seas that exist no more,
it's time to say goodbye.

Andrea Bocelli
When you're far away I dream of the horizon and words fail me.
And of course I know that you're with me, with me.
You, my moon, you are with me.
My sun, you're here with me with me, with me, with me.

Time to say goodbye.
Places that I've never seen or experienced with you.
Now I shall, I'll sail with you upon ships across the seas,
seas that exist no more,

I'll revive them with you.
I'll go with you upon ships across the seas,
seas that exist no more,
I'll revive them with you.
I'll go with you.

You and me.

*Hi, it's been a long time. Sorry for constant absent. I have been busy prepare my things to go to college and continue my study. I don't think I'll have time to write blog, because college life, as far as i know, is very busy. Moreover, i cannot bring laptop there, it's too risky and the college will provide enough computer for the students. I will come back after a year. So, see you all next year.**SOB**SOB**Miss~~~~~everything~~~~~~~~~*


I don’t know whether the word ‘Anatomy’ is the right word to describe my ‘experience’ today. Here goes my story for today.

I wake up early. I brush my teeth and clean my face. In the sink, I saw a huge snail. I guess it’s sleeping because it hide its face, I mean its eyes, in its shell. I made up my mind.

After everything is done, I took some tools. I need them to hold on the Mr. Big Snail. I don’t think I want to touch the snail with my bare hand. I feel goose lumps if I did it. Any way, I carried it to the backyard. Then, SMACK!! I crush its hard shell. I had to try a few times before its shell cracks a line. I use small hammer, mind you. I crush its shell slowly and remove it. I wondered the snail died or not because it’s not moving. I don’t see any ‘blood’. So, I assumed that it’s just fainted.

I cut open its soft part on the back there. I saw something pale yellow, white, dark red and many things else. The thing I hate most is the slimy liquid the snail has. I have to admit that it’s a bit revolting that part. Other wise, everything is just fine.

I made a ‘grave’ for the snail after I have investigated enough to know more about snail’s abdomen. I have always been wondered what is the inside of a snail. Now, I knew it.


CLAMP’s art work is magnificent. Most of their art works are draw in smooth, soft line that give readers a sense

of peace and calm. Especially the way CLAMP draws the characters, clothes and movement. I have always

admired CLAMP’s works. I tried to draw like them. I learnt. I like their drawing style. Imitation is easy.

However, if you want me to create a manga with drawing skills like CLAMP, that’s just seems impossible. I

don’t think I can draw manga like CLAMP. I mean their art works are drawn so perfectly and with every detail

in orders. CLAMP’s art works are very clean and neat. While mine art works are a bit messy. I don’t think I

have much patience.

Here are some of the art works of CLAMP I know from the Wikipedia:

1. Clamp no Kiseki

2. 20 Mensō ni Onegai!!/20 Masks, Please!!

3. RG Veda

4. Tokyo Babylon

5. Clamp School Detectives

6. Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders

7. Shirahime-Syo: Snow Goddess Tales

8. Magic Knight Rayearth

9. Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

10. The One I Love

11. Cardcaptor Sakura

12. Wish

13. Angelic Layer

14. Suki Dakara Suki (I like, therefore I like)

15. Chobits

16. Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

17. xxxHolic

The highlighted are the one I am currently following on Onemanga or already watch the anime.

Google News

I have developed an interest in reading news online, especially Google News. I started this habit after I read an inspiring story of a successful single mother in Japan and how she managed her time wisely. I will post the story up later.

Because of her, I read news online and I learn many things else. Last time, I don’t like to read news, I just simply read the title and put the newspaper down. No wonder my knowledge is so limited. Since I will further my study around this May. I need learn as many knowledge as I can so that I won’t be laughed by some other people.

Read news online, no doubt, the news is much more new and faster than those in newspapers. Some times, I discovered that I already read the news online when the news appeared in the newspaper. I cannot help but feel, some how, happy. However, I am still a little bit picky on certain news. I read the news only if the title gain my attention.

Laughter Healthy for Diabetes Patients

I read news online about health care and I found this. This is the study show that laughter is healthy for diabetes patients. This study comes from Lee Berk, DrPH, MPH, of Loma Linda University and Stanley Tan, MD, PhD, of Oak Crest Health Research Institute in Loma Linda, Calif.

They separate the diabetes patients into two groups, one for laughter group and another one is a comparison group. For the laughter group, they are given some funny video to watch. After two months (If I am not mistaken), the laughter group had a better HDL. A several months later the laughter group had lower blood levels of certain inflammatory chemicals.

Laughter is good. We should laugh more often. But that doesn’t mean you need to laugh whole day long. More and more study already proved that laughter is good for our health. Good, I think I will also start to watch some video or funny comics, and then I will laugh.

Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent.

I watched this video on youtube, you can watch it here.Wow her voice is so amazing and beautiful. Well, don't judge a book by it's cover. Everyone have their own strength. And Susan Boyle is very talented. How i wish i also have a beautiful voice like hers. She have my vote. Keep going Susan!

I wonder why some people just love to decide on something before they even getting know about it. They should think twice before say same thing. This is one of the reason why i don't like to watch those reality show. I feel the pain when some one being criticized badly. It made me think what if the person being criticized was me? I know in this life we cannot avoid getting criticized, but we need to have a lot of courage for that.

Facebook Users Have Lower GPAs?

Here is this news. A new study says students who use Facebook spend less time studying and have lower grade-point averages (GPAs) than non-Facebook students. Is it true? I never use Facebook. Usually I communicate with my friends mostly through SMS-ing. SMS is just fine for me. It’s easier. If I spend more time on Internet, my parents will definitely kill me for burning their pocket.

According to the news I read, the study is coauthored by Adam Duberstein of Ohio Dominican University. The study shows that Facebook users had GPAs between 3.0 and 3.5 while nonusers had 3.5 to 4.0. I think they mean Facebook users spent more time on Facebook that they affect their studies.

The study also said that the more hours a student worked at a paying job, the less likely he or she was to use Facebook. The study shows the more students were involved in extracurricular activities, the more likely they were to use Facebook. I don’t understand, but isn’t it the students will have less free time to spend online if they were involved in extracurricular activities? I guess it means students who involved more in extracurricular activities will have a lot of friends and that’s why they need to use Facebook.


9 year old engineer

Today, I read news about a 9 year old boy created software for iPhone. It is called ‘Doodle Kids’. ‘Doodle Kids’ is software for kids to draw by using iPhone and to erase the image created; you just need to shake the iPhone. In two weeks time, more than 4000 people download it. In the mean time, more than 10 thousands newspaper around the world and websites reported this news. After these massive publicity, there are more than 20,000 downloads for the ‘Doodle Kids’ software in just two days time! This record beats his father, a very experienced MAC programmer who has two softwares which listed ahead his son’s before and he is now temporary lose to the boy. The boy and his father check for numbers of download of the softwares for iPhone created respectively each night.

The boy learns programming at the age of 7 from his father. Now, he already learned 6 programming language. The boy stated that he just want to help his two younger sisters who like to draw. He said he doesn’t like to draw but he is interested in programming. ‘Doodle Kids’ already approved by APPLE company. The boy just used three days time to write the program for his two sisters.

When I was 9 year old, I was having the time of my life. I just went to school as scheduled, eat, play and sleep. At that time, I don’t think I even know about computer programming. Furthermore, there is no computer for me to touch at home. Parents are strict when educating their children. Like they said, play computer game will not help you in scoring. Shame, I have waste so many times playing instead of learning when I was a kid.


I want to do some memorial for my dead 80GB hard dick and especially for my dear anime songs most of all. *sniff*

  • Rozen Maiden
  • Card Capture Sakura
  • Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
  • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Neon Evangelion Genesis
  • Angelic Layer
  • Gundam Series
  • Digimon
  • Shakugan No Shana
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
  • Pokemon
  • Shaman King
  • Trinity Blood
  • Suzumiya Haruhi
  • Inuyasha
  • Samurai 7
  • Petite Princess Yucie
  • Star Ocean EX
  • Zoid Genesis
  • Exile

Learn Driving

In order to learn to drive the car, I have to buy a new pair of shoes for myself. I cannot use sandals to learn driving or I will get kicked out during the examination. How strict……….

I search for a long time to buy a pair of shoes that meet my taste. My mum getting bored of accompanied me rooming around several supermarkets. I think the workers at those supermarkets also tired of me who just walking around and simply walk out without buying anything. I am fastidious. I want shoes that is durable, lasting and it need to be beautiful.

Finally, I buy a XXX branded shoes. It is not a very famous brand but who cares. This is exactly the type of shoes I want. Actually it is badminton shoes, color of white, black and a little bit of scarlet. Looks okay, though. Not bad. It costs me around 39.90. They sew up the front and the back of the shoes. Very durable, indeed. I don’t know whether they really sew it up or not, but I rather believe they REALLY sew it up. Last time, I brought a pair of shoes, xxx branded(I forgot), 30 plus, and I only wear it a few time before the front of the shoes started to open its mouths, review my holed socks. This really pissed me of. Hey, I am no rich man. Mind you.

It is a very exhausting shopping, just to buy a pair of shoes…………….

Canon Power Shot A2000 IS Digital Camera

My dad brought me a Canon Power Shot A2000 IS Digital Camera. All and all contents included Digital Camera Power shot A2000 IS, Wrist Strap WS−DC5/2 AA−type alkaline Batteries, AV Cable AVC−DC400/Interface Cable IFC−400PCU, Memory Card (32 MB) and Software (CD−ROM). When my dad brought it, there are some offers. Here are the things they give for free (I think so), two memory card of 2GB, Professional Screen Guard, Metal Strap and the tool for you to stand the camera. I will have to buy them if it is not for the offers.

After I went home, I took the camera around me and snap picture of everything I can see. I know that this not a very ideal camera for me to take some really artistic, as I called it, pictures. Because when I want to take some photos of some very tiny things like a beautiful butterfly or some thing, all the photos looks blur and this spoiled the fun. I also realize the batteries die out too soon because I took too many photos and use a lot of time to get a perfect position.

Last time, I only use the ‘traditional’, classic camera that uses films. It so hard even it’s just to take some simple pictures. Whenever the films are out, most of the photos I took are gone or it’s just too black to see everything. It wastes my time and all the beautiful memories are gone. So, I am still glad to have a digital camera that helped me to save all the trouble. I will definitely treasure it, because my dad brought it for me.

If I have enough saving I will buy an EOS, you know, the kind of camera used to take high quality photos. I enjoy photographing. I have been thinking, should I post photos in my blog? I mean too many photos will just slow down my blog. I don’t want to cause trouble for anyone.

Killed Time

I draw this using PAINT. It's so hard without Photoshop...... Not bad huh......

What Type of Art Are You?

You Are a Drawing

You appreciate things that are simple and elegant.
You believe that complexity is mostly used to mask flaws.

You believe that art is about leaving more to the imagination.
The best art isn't overly showy or flashy. It subtly beautiful.

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

You Are a Brain

You excel at anything difficult or high tech.
In other words, you're a total (brilliant) geek.
It's difficult for you to find people worth spending time with.
Which is probably why you'll take over the world with your evil robots!

Your strength: Your unfailing logic

Your weakness: Loving machines more than people

Your power color: Tan

Your power symbol: Pi

Your power month: July

My Personality

Result got from the test I took......

" Existing Situation

"Organized and detail-oriented, she has a very precise and methodical manner. she needs relationships which offer her understanding, respect, and approval."

I am organized? Yeah, maybe...... But, my desk is a mess. Any way, i am detail-oriented. True enough......

Stress Sources

"Always trying to make a good impression on others, but doubtful she is succeeding. Feels she has the right to everything she hopes and dreams of and becomes annoyed and helpless when things don't go her way. Is troubled by the very thought of failure which leaves her feeling miserable. Always sees herself as the victim as if everyone treats her poorly and she never is given her fair share. Feels her failures are no fault of her own, but due to the shortcomings of others."

I INDEED HATE FAILURES, BUT I DO NOT BLAME OTHERS... Only IF they don't do it in the first pace.

Restrained Characteristics

"Tries to participate and involve herself in things going on around him; however, avoids conflict and arguments to reduce stress and tension."

Giving more than she is getting back and feels misunderstood and unappreciated. Feels she is being forced into compromising and even her close relationships leave her feeling emotional distant.

"Seeking to broaden her horizons and believes her hopes and dreams are realistic. Worries she may not be able to do the things she wants and needs to escape to a peaceful, quiet environment in order to restore her confidence."

Conceited and is easily insulted. Holds back emotionally but is able to find satisfaction through sexual activity.

Sorry, but I don't have a boyfriend yet............. My apologies........

Desired Objective

"His current situation is viewed as unpleasant and demanding to much out of her. she is stubborn and close-minding, feeling her way is the only correct way."

His? I don't have any HE. Stubborn, a bit.... But, my mind is not narrow even though usually i DO felt i am correct..............

Actual Problem

"Feeling a lack of energy, she does not wish to be involved in further activity or give in to demands. she is feeling powerless causing her stress, agitation, and irritation. she reacts by becoming the victim and feeling as if everyone is out to get her. Demands with annoyance that she needs to get her own way."

I NEVER EVER WANT TO BE A VICTIM!!!!!!!!*screams of outrage*

Actual Problem #2"

"Is disappointed and let down, feels there is no point in making new goals as they will leave her feeling the same way. Is unable to admit to her short comings, which leads her to act out in an aggressive and resentful way."

Ummmm, quite right.................

My IQ!!

IQ Test - iq/'>">IQ Test

Intelligence Interval : Cognitive Designation
40 - 54:Severely challenged (Less than 1% of test takers)
55 - 69 : Challenged (2.3% of test takers)
70 - 84:Below average
85 - 114 :Average (68% of test takers)
115 - 129: Above average
130 - 144: Gifted (2.3% of test takers)
145 - 159 :Genius (Less than 1% of test takers)
160 - 175: Extraordinary genius

I am GIFTED!!!!!

Learning English In an Easy Way

I came across this website: free rice.
If you want to learn English in a faster way, you should try this website.
Trust me, you can help people by learning English through this interesting website.
"Give free rice to hungry people by playing a simple game that increases your knowledge."

Too Much To Worry

"I have too much things to do, too much things to worry about."

"Don't worry you are going to be fine...."

"How can you be so sure about that? You are not me......."

"I know I am not you, but I went through the same thing before."

"I am so tired, I felt like I want to escape..."

"To where? You have no place to go. You are lonely."

"Why I am always alone? Why no one noticed me, care about me?"

"You have to think positively. Don't be so pessimistic."

"Pain, what a pain................."


There are time when we felt anxious,
we don't want to do anything,
because we are nervous.

There are time when we felt like want give up,
we don't even want to try it,
because we thought we will definitely unsuccessful.

There are time when we felt like want to go away from this place,
we don't want to suffer anymore,
because we are too tired.
"This what I feel sometimes....."


Today, as I went to a few website to check my application status, I found out that my application for the scholarship was rejected and unsuccessful. I felt so disappointed. I don't understand why other people can get an interview so easily. I heard of someone who got rejected by all the scholarship they applied to. Sometimes, lucks do count.
But, I won't give up yet. At least, there is still some hope under the skies out there.
However, I have to admit it that disappointment is indeed painful.

Earn more from Here

I come across a website called This is a website where you can sign up for free and starts to earn money by receiving email. All you need to do is read those emails that send to you and click the links on it. This is not much, but still it is a small income for your daily use. If you want to join sendmoreinfo, you can click the link here.

Join Now!!!!

I know taking survey cannot earn you big cash. But it is still an extra income. Well, you know, as little cash as $25 can cause huge different in my life. I can buy something with it or pay for my bills or some fuel. Cash crate can pay you more if you are an active member. And I am starting to approach the threshold payment. Yes, that’s right, I will do my best to try first to earn extra income. It doesn't matter, as long as I can have these as my pocket money.
Oh, I forgot to mention, you can earn by play some games and win the cash. You love to play games right? I DO love to play games. It is just fun to play the games while earn cash. What is more fun other than this enjoyable moment? You can compete with other people and win in a contest.
You can also do some trial and earn some cash. So, enjoy yourself while earning.

More about Cash Crate

When i join some thing online, i will make sure it is really safe to join. After i do some investigation, I concluded that Cashcrate is a genuine website to make money with. Some people complained that Cashcrate is a spam because they did not pay them. However some people said Cashcrate really do pay. Anyway, it is free to join, there is no harm in trying.
For one good thing, Cashcrate is an international survey site, everyone can join no matter where you come from. They are paying in check. It is really good for those people who come from countries that cannot use paypal.
Cashcrate does not give bonus for signing up. There is a payout threshold, I forgot the amount.

I am making money!!

Hey, i found this interesting website: Cashcrate. And I am making money through it. I am trying it now and after i really receive my payment, I will share it with you.
It is free to join. You need to fill out survey, try new offers and others to get paid. Cashcrate also have 20%/10% referral program. So, good luck and have a nice try!!

Making Money

I am practically in financial crisis, a little less than bankruptcy. I am desperate for money. I have been do some research online on how to earn money from home. It is not that I am greedy or something, it is just I need some extra money to spend on other thing. For example, books. I need to read, everyone too. The problem is, a book usually cost me about 30 to 40 bucks. It enough for me to buy a few days' meal.
I came across this on web: "Jason Tan's Char Kuey Teow Secrets". Some people say it is a scam. Anyway, I don't buy it though. 90 bucks for a ebook? Noway, I prefer books. I t is more realistic and cheaper. Ebook will disappear if my computer break down one day. It is my money that will fly away.
I wonder what can I do to earn extra money online.............

Catch the Theft

Go Away Theft!
This cat is a theft. It always come to my house and steal my food. Well, usually is my home's cats' food. I snap shot a picture of it. It's eyes, I have to admit, are brilliant blue and are quite charming. Unfortunately, I don't like the cat. Scene I have pretty free time, I will catch it and send it to a place with plenty of food and far away from my house! I mean it!!

Blood thirsty

Today, I read a book all about vampire story. Each of the legend regarding the vampire is so different, I am confused. I noticed there is a different between a traditional vampire and a modern vampire.
For traditional vampire, they are not very good looking nor very charming. For example, the Dracula story, Dracula’s hand is very hairy and its (I use ‘its’ because Dracula in the story was not very human like compare to modern vampire) finger nails are long. The proof is the way the actors portray them in old movie.
For modern vampire, they are so0o0ooo charming and very noble like (Due to the influence of Vampire Knight manga). Even though I am not a very fan of Vampire Knight, I cannot resist the thinking that the beauty of vampires in the manga are indeed very breathe taking. Further more, there are even classes between vampires. Those noble and pure blood vampires are, I can’t deny it, cool. Anyway, it is a pity that they are not the same species like us human.
I have been thinking whether vampire is just a creative creation of human for writing pleasure or they are real. It is just like try to prove the fact that there are curses in the pyramid where pharaoh buried.

Say Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 80GB hard disk is dead. Why? I don't know why, it just died. Oh, my darling, don't you die.......
All of my favourite anime and its song are gone together with it. The whole world is crashed before me. Does anyone know how to save my dear hard disk before it getting worse? PLEASE.......

The Conversation

One day, Ellanore heard a conversation between family.

Mother: 'What's this?' ( Checking younger brother's essay.)

Younger brother: '@#$%&...' ( Screaming his head off, playing.)

Mother: 'You, come here.' ( He came over.)

Younger brother: '............'

Mother: (Looks angry) 'Look at this.'

Younger brother: '..........'

Mother: (Read aloud from his essay.) '".....My mother is six years old??......."'.

Mother: '..........' -.-!!!!

The Movie 'Frailty'

'Frailty' is a movie I watched yesterday. The story is about a father of two sons who saw a vision of god. He claims that god want him to destroy the demons in the world. Not long after that he told his sons the god already give him a list of the demons' names. Then, he go to destroy them one by one after god gave him weapons to do it.

However, the eldest son, about 12-13 years old, does not believe it. He thinks his father is killing innocent people and is a murderer. Then he killed his father when his father forced him to kill the so-called-demons that resemble humans. But the younger son sees his father as a hero and he continues his father's mission. He also killed his brother who, according to his father, is also a demon.

This movie is so confusing. I don't know who is right or who is wrong. Well, I, personally, don't think that killing people just because of the crime they did is a right choice. Why can't the father just investigate the crime they did and report to the police? He didn't need to kill them, it will make him just like them.

Thought for the old

I saw in a TV programmes about old folks home. It said that because of the financial problem nowadays, the aids for old folks home decreases tremendously. This is a big problem.

When asked about his children, one old man cried. My heart felt just pain to watch him cried. Other old folks patted his shoulder and said ' It's fine, don't cry.' I don't know what I should do. I haven't work yet and have no incomes. How I wish I am a triple billionaire and donate as many money as I could for the needy. Wait, no, I won't donate too many money. What they need is nutritious food, nice shelter and comfortable clothes to wear. I will provide them those. Yeah, that's a better idea. Well, who knows whether the one who in charge of the old folks home will use the money wisely?

The TV programmes stated that an old folks home will finish a bag of rice of 10 kg in 2-3 days. As for us, who have a normal family, will only finish 10kg of rice in a month or more. Just imagine the spending of money in food for the old folks is large, what about the electricity, water, medical treatment and clothes? I hope the financial problem in the year 2008 will not worsen in year 2009.


How i wish i can have photoshop and draw a nicer picture.

Poor Brother -.-

This year, my brother have to follow some tuition for his future's sake. Me and him always joked that maybe he is stupid than me and that's why he need to have those 'horrible' tuition. I also went to tuition but not as much as he is. I don't have tuition this year since i already finished my secondary education and still wait for my result.

Actually, i think tuition help me a lot. I doubt i will score a flying colour without the help of my tuition teachers. I appreciate their help even though my parents money burnt away just like that. However, I can guarantee my parents I will pay them back handsomely in the future.

As for my brother, I tell him that he need to study hard or else...... I just hope he is not tired to death. Well, he is the one who choose it......Ha! Ha! Ha!....;)

Burn the Midnight Oil

Sometimes, my parents get angry when I sleep early in the morning. I think this is one of the habits I developed after the exam. Since I love to study in the last minutes, as I am so lazy, I forced to study it until past midnight when the exam is just around the corner. I always regret it, but it seems I never learnt the lesson, because I still can get a flying colour in some subjects. ( Not for others subjects, though)

Right now I am enjoying my holy day. I buy some DVDs and watch TV. Well, you can't blame me, some of the TV programmes are in the midnight. How I wish I can have a TV in my bedroom and avoid being shouted by my parents. I know they care for me. But what harm does watching a TV sometimes in the midnight. Many people do that right?

Do anyone of you know how cure this burn-the-midnight-oil-diseases?