31st July, Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

I really love Harry Potter series. This series is my favorite books. I already read Harry Potter a hundred times and not bored. It’s sad that everything ended. But, I am glad that the story ended well. However, I am still sad about the death of some of my favorite characters. Yeah, I know Harry Potter is just a fictional character but he is as good as real. Besides, J.K. Rowling, the wizard behind Harry Potter also has her birthday on this day. A very Happy Birthday, Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling!!

Jeremy Nian Ni MV- The Weirdest MV I Have Ever Watched

I swear you won’t listen to this song for the second time. My head hurt after I listened  to this song. This guy’s name is Jeremy (劉子千). He got really famous recently because of his weird MV. He said he bet on this song as his main hit song in his album and, what a surprise, he is famous.  He stated that he sings with that awful voice purposely.   
This is the first time I heard people get famous with a song like this. No offense, but it’s totally weird.
His Profile
Name: Jeremy Liu
Birth Date: 21 April 1986
Nationality: United States of America
Birth Place: State of South Carolina   


SNSD Before Pictures-They are Chosen Because They have the Qualification










Good make up skills + natural good looks + hard work= Beauties. All of us know that a company will "package" their "products" nicely and beautifully so that they can be "sold out". Of course, SNSD is not a product. They are here to inspire their fans. They are good looking before debut and that's why they are chosen. Good look does play part in audition. Just look into real life, the good looking celebrity always have more fans. If you have the talents, you can have more fans. And that's why SNSD can get really famous. SM entertainment has done quite a good job in managing their artists. With all those factors combined, SNSD and other SM artists are unbeatable. Same goes to other companies' artists^^P2SVJQR9AAJG

Hyoyeon's (snsd) Hairstyle

As I said, I like Hyoyeon from SNSD. I manage to find her pictures with different pretty hairstyles.I know many people said they should fire her hair designer because the hair designer always gave Hyoyeon bad hairstyles. But all the pictures I found below are Hyoyeon with pretty hairstyles. They should have maintain her hairstyle in these ways. I just Hyoyeon's hair in the first pic, so gorgeous.
So Pretty.
Beautiful smile.

Bright smile^^
Run Devil Run.
 This is her before picture. Doesn't change much, right?
 Wow, I really like her in this pic. So awesome and totally gorgeous.
 Straight hair^^
 Hyoyeon before pictures. She is still the same^^

This style suits Hyoyeon very much XD

❤Hyoyeon the Dancing Queen

This video is Hyoyeon and Jaewon Hip Hop Dance. She is so amazing. She will become my bias from now on. I know she is called Dancing Queen before, but I never knew she can dance so well.This video proved it.

This video is Hyoyeon dance Goodies by Ciara. The guy is DBSK Yunho.

Koko (王尔可) Anime Girl in Real Life?

Again, I read about this girl in a Chinese forum.  Her name is Koko. She became famous recently because of her unnaturally huge round eyes. People talked a lot about her eyes. They said it’s possible that her eyes are fake and was PS-ed. But the most possible explanation is that her makeup skill is very good. Besides Koko’s eyes, her pointed chin is also controversial. It’s too “sharp”. Her skinny body is making her even more like an Anime character. When I first saw her, I thought she is a doll. After I watched her video, I was shocked that she is REAL. She is from Kang Zhou. Her height is 167cm and her weight is 43kg. She is 18 years old. This is her weibo.
 Wow, her eyes are four times bigger than mine. O.O
 She is so skinny.
 A little more normal picture. People said she is looking more normal in this pics.

 The more I look at her, the more she look like real life Anime Girl. …(_;)…

Look at her leg, soooooo skinny. …(_;)…

 The girl beside her made her look more like a doll. The girl looks more human.

How about compare her to anime girls? I think Anime Girls look more healthy...
Her eyes remind me of Lady Gaga's big eyes makeup... 
If you want to watch the video, you can watch them here. It's in a chinese website. But no worry, this girl didn't say anything in the video. It's just a self-recorded video. You will be shocked about how real she is in both video that you can't say it's PS-ed.
Attention: I do not own her photos.