To day

Today is quite peaceful
 I am looking for a place where I can be happy, and have nothing to worry about
I couldn't sleep well last night
I am tired, but just lay there and my eyes still open for the next one hour
I wonder why

I don't want to be grow up
There are too many adult problems to worry
Isn't it better for me to stay as a child forever
Like Peter Pan in Neverland
No worries, no pressure
I dreamed about Harry Potter last time
It was a good dream, I AM Harry Potter
I fought bravely in that dream with my friends
I think I am in Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, COOL

How I wish Magic World is real
How I wish I can have a wand and lots of spell books to learn
How I wish to meet those fantastic magical creatures
How I wish I can meet many different people
How I wish I can solve problems using magic

Those are just my daydream
It'll never come true
Try go to the street and yell: "I BELIEVE IN MAGIC!"
People will lock you up
They think you are nuts

It's good to have dream
People died when they lost their dream
I'll keep that dream
Believe in Secret, believe my dream