Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex is a romantic comedy shoujo anime. I am having so much fun watching this anime. I laughed so much at Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Otani's funny moments. Of course, other characters are funny as well. This anime is about a girl with 172cm height falls in love with a boy with 156cm height. The tall girl is Risa Koizumi while the short boy is Atsushi Otani. Despite being rejected for twice, Risa's friend, Nobuko Ishihara keeps on offering Risa advice regarding the issue of love and encouraged her too. 

There is something different in the japanese used in this anime. So, I went to google it. It's Kansai-ben they are using. No wonder it's different from the japanese I usually hear in other anime. All Kansai-ben in one anime are kind of rare for an anime, isn't? Anyway, I still love this anime. There are scenes where Risa got rejected and felt heart broken which almost make my tears falling. Luckily Risa recovered quickly and get back to her lively personality. Since I am not good in sad story,  I can't stand an anime with too many sad chapters, but not Lovely Complex. Good for Love Com.