Catch the Theft

Go Away Theft!
This cat is a theft. It always come to my house and steal my food. Well, usually is my home's cats' food. I snap shot a picture of it. It's eyes, I have to admit, are brilliant blue and are quite charming. Unfortunately, I don't like the cat. Scene I have pretty free time, I will catch it and send it to a place with plenty of food and far away from my house! I mean it!!

Blood thirsty

Today, I read a book all about vampire story. Each of the legend regarding the vampire is so different, I am confused. I noticed there is a different between a traditional vampire and a modern vampire.
For traditional vampire, they are not very good looking nor very charming. For example, the Dracula story, Dracula’s hand is very hairy and its (I use ‘its’ because Dracula in the story was not very human like compare to modern vampire) finger nails are long. The proof is the way the actors portray them in old movie.
For modern vampire, they are so0o0ooo charming and very noble like (Due to the influence of Vampire Knight manga). Even though I am not a very fan of Vampire Knight, I cannot resist the thinking that the beauty of vampires in the manga are indeed very breathe taking. Further more, there are even classes between vampires. Those noble and pure blood vampires are, I can’t deny it, cool. Anyway, it is a pity that they are not the same species like us human.
I have been thinking whether vampire is just a creative creation of human for writing pleasure or they are real. It is just like try to prove the fact that there are curses in the pyramid where pharaoh buried.

Say Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 80GB hard disk is dead. Why? I don't know why, it just died. Oh, my darling, don't you die.......
All of my favourite anime and its song are gone together with it. The whole world is crashed before me. Does anyone know how to save my dear hard disk before it getting worse? PLEASE.......

The Conversation

One day, Ellanore heard a conversation between family.

Mother: 'What's this?' ( Checking younger brother's essay.)

Younger brother: '@#$%&...' ( Screaming his head off, playing.)

Mother: 'You, come here.' ( He came over.)

Younger brother: '............'

Mother: (Looks angry) 'Look at this.'

Younger brother: '..........'

Mother: (Read aloud from his essay.) '".....My mother is six years old??......."'.

Mother: '..........' -.-!!!!

The Movie 'Frailty'

'Frailty' is a movie I watched yesterday. The story is about a father of two sons who saw a vision of god. He claims that god want him to destroy the demons in the world. Not long after that he told his sons the god already give him a list of the demons' names. Then, he go to destroy them one by one after god gave him weapons to do it.

However, the eldest son, about 12-13 years old, does not believe it. He thinks his father is killing innocent people and is a murderer. Then he killed his father when his father forced him to kill the so-called-demons that resemble humans. But the younger son sees his father as a hero and he continues his father's mission. He also killed his brother who, according to his father, is also a demon.

This movie is so confusing. I don't know who is right or who is wrong. Well, I, personally, don't think that killing people just because of the crime they did is a right choice. Why can't the father just investigate the crime they did and report to the police? He didn't need to kill them, it will make him just like them.

Thought for the old

I saw in a TV programmes about old folks home. It said that because of the financial problem nowadays, the aids for old folks home decreases tremendously. This is a big problem.

When asked about his children, one old man cried. My heart felt just pain to watch him cried. Other old folks patted his shoulder and said ' It's fine, don't cry.' I don't know what I should do. I haven't work yet and have no incomes. How I wish I am a triple billionaire and donate as many money as I could for the needy. Wait, no, I won't donate too many money. What they need is nutritious food, nice shelter and comfortable clothes to wear. I will provide them those. Yeah, that's a better idea. Well, who knows whether the one who in charge of the old folks home will use the money wisely?

The TV programmes stated that an old folks home will finish a bag of rice of 10 kg in 2-3 days. As for us, who have a normal family, will only finish 10kg of rice in a month or more. Just imagine the spending of money in food for the old folks is large, what about the electricity, water, medical treatment and clothes? I hope the financial problem in the year 2008 will not worsen in year 2009.


How i wish i can have photoshop and draw a nicer picture.

Poor Brother -.-

This year, my brother have to follow some tuition for his future's sake. Me and him always joked that maybe he is stupid than me and that's why he need to have those 'horrible' tuition. I also went to tuition but not as much as he is. I don't have tuition this year since i already finished my secondary education and still wait for my result.

Actually, i think tuition help me a lot. I doubt i will score a flying colour without the help of my tuition teachers. I appreciate their help even though my parents money burnt away just like that. However, I can guarantee my parents I will pay them back handsomely in the future.

As for my brother, I tell him that he need to study hard or else...... I just hope he is not tired to death. Well, he is the one who choose it......Ha! Ha! Ha!....;)

Burn the Midnight Oil

Sometimes, my parents get angry when I sleep early in the morning. I think this is one of the habits I developed after the exam. Since I love to study in the last minutes, as I am so lazy, I forced to study it until past midnight when the exam is just around the corner. I always regret it, but it seems I never learnt the lesson, because I still can get a flying colour in some subjects. ( Not for others subjects, though)

Right now I am enjoying my holy day. I buy some DVDs and watch TV. Well, you can't blame me, some of the TV programmes are in the midnight. How I wish I can have a TV in my bedroom and avoid being shouted by my parents. I know they care for me. But what harm does watching a TV sometimes in the midnight. Many people do that right?

Do anyone of you know how cure this burn-the-midnight-oil-diseases?