Google News

I have developed an interest in reading news online, especially Google News. I started this habit after I read an inspiring story of a successful single mother in Japan and how she managed her time wisely. I will post the story up later.

Because of her, I read news online and I learn many things else. Last time, I don’t like to read news, I just simply read the title and put the newspaper down. No wonder my knowledge is so limited. Since I will further my study around this May. I need learn as many knowledge as I can so that I won’t be laughed by some other people.

Read news online, no doubt, the news is much more new and faster than those in newspapers. Some times, I discovered that I already read the news online when the news appeared in the newspaper. I cannot help but feel, some how, happy. However, I am still a little bit picky on certain news. I read the news only if the title gain my attention.