Canon Power Shot A2000 IS Digital Camera

My dad brought me a Canon Power Shot A2000 IS Digital Camera. All and all contents included Digital Camera Power shot A2000 IS, Wrist Strap WS−DC5/2 AA−type alkaline Batteries, AV Cable AVC−DC400/Interface Cable IFC−400PCU, Memory Card (32 MB) and Software (CD−ROM). When my dad brought it, there are some offers. Here are the things they give for free (I think so), two memory card of 2GB, Professional Screen Guard, Metal Strap and the tool for you to stand the camera. I will have to buy them if it is not for the offers.

After I went home, I took the camera around me and snap picture of everything I can see. I know that this not a very ideal camera for me to take some really artistic, as I called it, pictures. Because when I want to take some photos of some very tiny things like a beautiful butterfly or some thing, all the photos looks blur and this spoiled the fun. I also realize the batteries die out too soon because I took too many photos and use a lot of time to get a perfect position.

Last time, I only use the ‘traditional’, classic camera that uses films. It so hard even it’s just to take some simple pictures. Whenever the films are out, most of the photos I took are gone or it’s just too black to see everything. It wastes my time and all the beautiful memories are gone. So, I am still glad to have a digital camera that helped me to save all the trouble. I will definitely treasure it, because my dad brought it for me.

If I have enough saving I will buy an EOS, you know, the kind of camera used to take high quality photos. I enjoy photographing. I have been thinking, should I post photos in my blog? I mean too many photos will just slow down my blog. I don’t want to cause trouble for anyone.