Two Personalities

X is that type of person. They only can order other people to do things but never lift a finger themselves. They are trash. Wasted and useless. Complaint never fades from their mouths. Their words act like triggers which will spark of the flame of hatred and disgust. They pissed J of. J looks soft. People cannot see the heart within and that’s why they did not understand. J is not merely some ordinary human. J is different. J is secretive, clever in organizing strategies and planning, and ambitious. Weakness of people never escapes from J’s eyes. If J is given a chance, J will become a genius criminal. No, not killing or murdering people. It is criminal in terms of high tech, manipulating, altering, destroying and conquering. Everything will be for the greater good. Soft appearance is to camouflage the truth within. The shell will crack whenever it is needed. Truth is scary.