I have finished Gintama recently. This is the first anime I found quite different from the rest. Gintama, you can say, is random. The story arcs are never the same. It's funny and entertaining. You won't have any problem watching them for the fun of it. You really can't judge the characters by the look of it. For example, Kagura is the first cute anime girl character to dig her nose 'in the public'.*At least I think so.* Then, there is Sougo, the king of the sadist. He tries to kill Toushiro, failed though. *I don't think he meant it^_^* Characters in the anime included a masochist(Sa-chan), a stalker/Gorilla(Kondo), alien, a madao*you will understand this term after watch the anime*, a mayannaise lover(Toushiro) and ...many else. So, have fun^^