Suigintou and Shinku

I discovered about this anime early this year. Initially, the doll i liked most was Suigintou. I liked Suigintou so much that i almost fall in love with the doll. Suigintou's costume is much more different from the other dolls. Her costume all is in black and white except for the purple rose decoration. She has a pair of black angel wings. Until now, i still don't understands why Father left her and ignored her completely.

As for the doll, Shinku, i disliked her at first. I do not like the way she treat Suigintou, as like it said by Suigintou. Somehow, after sometimes, my interest switched from Suigintou to Shinku. I suddenly realised i was addicted towards the royal altitude of Shinku. Shinku is so noble and high-standard. As day passed, i liked Shinku more than Suigintou. But that do not mean i dislike Suigintou.

After sometimes, i understood why my interest will changed so dramatically. It s because the characteristic of a character is the characteristic i want to develop in myself!! When we liked an frictional character, our altitude will more or less same as the character we like. I like Suigintou because i can felt her feeling of being left behind. Now, i like Shinku because i want to be like her.
LOL....I know it is hilarious, but there is no harm to think it.

Well, that's the influences of an anime on their fans.