My Normal Hobby

I like to read because reading increase my understanding on new vocabularies. My imagination and creativeness also increase with the amount of books i read. Usually it's mysteries, supernatural, horrid and related. Sometimes, i hate to look into the dictionary whenever i encounter an unfamiliar new words because i am lazy to move my hands and legs. I just hope my limbs didn't degenerate into some thing tiny like the front limbs of T-Rex. Fortunately, i have a computer based dictionary about the size of a small note book. I don't know what its called. I know that i only have to press the words that i don't understand and the meaning will show on the mini screen after i press ENTER.
There is one thing i don't like about it is that the batteries die out too soon. I have to change it after i use it for a while, like a few days later. It die faster if i want to hear the correct pronunciation. The batteries are not cheap, mind.