Questions about Harry Potter

Recently, i have reread the Harry Potter series. J.K. Rowling just loves to make the characters of the good side suffering. It is painful to read when my favourite characters died and have to enduring the pain. I am not saying the story is not good. I just felt that the characters are suffering a lot, that's all. I also have so many questions regarding the Harry Potter series. I would love to ask J.K. Rowling but i don't know how to contact her.

1. Does Snape care for Harry?( What does Rowling say about this?)
2. What is the mean by 'I sometimes think we Sort too soon' from book 7th, pg 545?
3. Does Aunt Petunia care for Harry ?
4. What happened to Mad Eye Moody's body after he died?
5. Where did Dumbledore have his Phoenix, Fawkes?
6. How does James and Sirius found out about the secret of Remus that he is a werewolf?
7. Did the professors of Hogwarts ever married?

One day, when i have chance, I will certain ask the author.......Hope so......