Skype-ing with friends~~~XD

Wahaha, i am so happy that i can talk to my best friend just now using skype. It's been a long time since i see her. She is studying dentistry at oversea. She is my best best friend ever in this world.
We talk for about an hour. Since she is skype-ing at a cyber cafe, it's quite dark and can't see her face clearly but she can see me well. Then she told me the owner of the cafe said i am, *cough*, beautiful~~~~~~XD WAHAHA!!!
Whether it is true or not, i am not sure, but i think it's funny, anyway~XD
Aow, i miss her a lot. I wish i can see her soon~~~T.T*teary*
But i have to wait for five years~~~DX noooooooooooo!!
Oh well, never mind, i can wait, we will definitely see each other again after we have our job. We have money and will be able to plan a gathering in the future~~~~XD
I can't wait for it~~~~XD
So, study hard now, June~~~~^.^