Indulgence in Korean Bands

I was kind of hook up to Korean band lately, especially girls band. I am not a fan girl but I want to know more about them. I discovered many girls’ bands that I didn’t know or noticed before. I myself am not paying much attention about k-pop, until recently. I remembered last time I only know those popular bands from my pro-Korean-bands friends tell me some of them. I remembered the first Korean band I heard of was Super Junior, and then I know Wonder girls, afterwards is SNSD. Now, I know many other Korean bands. I learn to like different style of music and concepts from each group.

It’s interesting to watch those cute/beautiful girls dance and singing. Some of them really give me a deep impression. They have some sort of charm that make me felt like “Whoa!”. How I wish I can have their striking looks and slim body shape. I admitted that I am not a beauty. I am too normal that nobody will ever remember me among the faces. But I just love the way I look and now improving myself mentally and physically. If you are thinking of me doing plastic surgery to get some gorgeous look, you have got to be kidding right? I am not going to pay to get a cut or two on my face and body. I won’t mind other people become beauty through this method. I mean it’s their choices. I just don’t like the idea of someone use a knife to cut open my own fresh. I hate knife or whatever that is sharp and dangerous. Just thinking of it already makes me shiver.

Back to Korean girls’ bands, I still am having a trouble in identifying who’s who. Some of them really look alike. I took several days or weeks, depends, to be able to recognize each of them. I wondered why people accused them having underwent plastic surgery. Don’t they believe that there’s still had natural beauty among the girls? It’s kind of sad to be accused if you are a natural beauty. Sometimes, makeup really does the tricks, in case you haven’t noticed. Looking through the website, you will discover some photos of before and after makeup. You will be surprised, the differences are significant. After all, human love to look at beautiful things.

I am going to discover other groups which bloom up pretty fast recently. I think Korea is now concentrated with new bands here and there. I wondered whether there are enough fans for their groups. The competition must be tough. It’s all about luck and perfect timing for you to get famous, including catchy songs and good choreography. Speaking of choreography, I noticed Korean bands use lots of dance move compared to other countries’ bands. I mean, they EMPHASIS on it. They are well trained before they debut. They dance very well. Most of my friends often imitate their dancing. Good exercise, anyway.XD