Oh well, you know, i may look shy and quiet. But i am not. I am just doing my best in my part to be a good girl. I just love to break the rule. By the way, i hate rules. Most of the rules are quite stupid. It's annoying that all of us need to follow the rules and can't do the things that we really like. I mean as long as the things doesn't hurt yourselves. I do have my own principles. I would never ever do things that will hurt myself and the one i care. Mind you, the one i care is only my family and my best friends. I only have a few best friends. I am very picky when choosing a best friend. Of course i have a lot of friends, but they are just friends. Nothing more nothing less. JUST FRIENDS. Once i considered they are my best friends and i'll treasure them. And they should not betray me or i'll really really hurt and i'll tend to hurt you back. I hate betrayal. I don't forgive.
There are always have things that i really want to do. For example, i want a backpack journey at other countries. I'll just bring a few things and travel around the world at the countries i like. I just want to escape from this sophisticating life. I am tired of my so-called responsibilities. I just don't like this world. It's way too fake. Everyone are pretending or else they'll call you weirdo. Honestly, if there's a change, i would want to be a little child again. There will be nothing for me to worry. =D