Hello kitty= my childhood

It’s kind of embarrassing to admit that I kind of like Hello Kitty. Unfortunately, most of my friends don’t like it. No, they don’t hate it, just dislike it. They said it’s too girly and too pink for them. Well, I like Hello Kitty, but I am not in favor of pink color. However, I still can accept not-too-pinkish color clothes. I prefer black, anyway. Whenever I don’t felt like I want to “show off”, I will choose black as my wearing on that day. Basically, I am in black mode almost every day, except when I am at home. Black clothes make me look thinner. Weird, huh.

Ok, back to Hello Kitty, I talk too much about my favorite color. At first, I thought Hello Kitty’s creator is from London. I have been wrong for years until I read in newspaper that the creator is from Japan. I just don’t know why I can have the impression that Hello Kitty is from London. Well in fact, in Hello Kitty’s world, she lives in London. Her really name is Kitty White. So cute>.<