♔My Top 50 Favorite Korean Songs (Currently) ♔

Here are my own list of Korean songs which I think is nice. The songs are arranged randomly based on respective bands. These are the songs that I like or currently listening to. I’ll renew them from time to time^^. First I need to tell you, I just start to like kpop 1 year ago and I am not so good in finding nice kpop songs.

Big Bang- Tonight, Last Farewell, Love songs, Tell Me Goodbye, Haru Haru, Lies, Lollipop 2, Gara gara go, Beautiful Hangover

Kara- Mr., Lupin

Taeyang- Wedding dress, I need A Girl

Seungri- What can I Do, VVIP, Strong Baby

After School- Because of You, Bang!, Ah

2ne1- Lonely, Fire, Can’t Nobody, Don’t stop the Music, I don’t Care

Rainbow- A, To Me

4minute- Why, Huh, Music, I My Me Mine, Hot Issue


SNSD- Gee, Tell Me Your Wish, Run Devil Run, Hoot, Mr Taxi

Super Junior-Sorry Sorry, No other, Bonamana, Shake it Up

Orange Caramel- Magic Girl, A-ing

SS501-Love Ya, Because I am stupid, Love like This, Ur Men, Wasteland, The One, A Song Calling For You